If I intend to accomplish anything this summer, I need to make it into a list:

  1. Complete all of my work items and commitments and perform beyond expectations
  2. Interact with other teams at Microsoft to see where I might be interested in working should I return (and get a return offer)–Windows Mobile, XBox (the Entertainment division in general), Internet Explorer (just because I want to make it better), and even Microsoft Shuttle Service (their assignment algorithm sucks) are on my list so far
  3. Complete my Facebook application (40%)
  4. Complete/pass all of the Facebook puzzles (5%)
  5. Read through the 1000 page corporate finance textbook (10%)
  6. If you click here, the world will explode. (99%)
  7. Swim at least twice a week (100% so far)
  8. Get my bike fixed. (100%)
  9. At the end of the summer, update my resume

Things I will work on in the summer:

  1. Sharpen (ahem) my C sharp skills: Build some useful windows form applications
  2. Learn ASP.NET – should not be too difficult given #1
  3. Learn to cook more things, cook them better and more efficiently
  4. Read at least half of the books I’ve received in my first three weeks. That would be two of four
  5. Renovate originxt.com
  6. Reclaim all of my 2008 losses from the stock market (Ha, yeah right)

Hopefully I achieve all of the first list, and do a fair share of what I can from the second list.