Similar to the law of conservation of energy and mass, there’s another universal law just as applicable–to students.

When one form of procrastination is blocked, another takes its place. When Digg and Slashdot began to phase out, Google News reemerged in renewed prominence. When I chose to stop reloading Google News, FML and MLIA came into the picture. When I finally blocked FML and MLIA, Failblog staged another comeback.

Not to mention, Reddit has been slowly creeping into my procrastination arsenal since summer.

So all in all, blocking one means of procrastination won’t help. You’ll just find that an even worse means of procrastination comes into being. Therefore, I propose a new universal law–that of the conservation of procrastination.

Because the only way you’ll procrastinate less is if your peers procrastinate more. (shakes fist at Courtney for getting me into Reddit) By the way, for the rest of you, be sure to frequent the websites I mentioned up there!