So, atheists are wealthier? Tell that to any person who has a well-balanced faith, and they’ll tell you that means absolutely nothing to them.

The thing is, God has always been a part of anything in this world, no matter what. Take away all the GDP, GNP, production and money that could have been spent, and you aren’t going to make anyone happier or sadder. Is it a tragedy that many of us spend our Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday mornings (and in the case of some devout Catholics, every day of the week) worshiping a higher entity? If you’re an economist or a capitalist, yes, because you are losing out on potential profit. But if you’re religious, honestly, this life doesn’t matter. You’re here to serve your God, do your duty of spreading the faith, and joining him post mortem. Never mind that your atheist friend has more cumulative wealth, because hey, you’ll be with God when you die, right? And he’s worth way more than say, the combined worth of Facebook, Microsoft and Apple, put together.

So honestly, God wastes GDP. It’s a tragedy, and I agree. But can we do anything about it? No. God has been rooted in our minds and souls since time has begun, and so have the supply and demand curves that run our society. They will continue to compete as long as there is something to be traded, and both sides will gripe as long as there is something to gripe about. And the thing is, when someone has enough faith in their God to keep on believing their God, nothing, and I mean nothing, is going to change their mind. God doesn’t care about supply and demand guys. He cares about who believes that he exists.

Speaking of which… is he done with the laundry yet?