Hello neighbors above,

I don’t think you realize how thin the divide between your room and mine (my ceiling/your floor) is—yes I heard everything from last night, and the nights before. When I am trying to sleep at night (11PM-2AM), I find it a very arduous task with your constant stomping.

I understand that the stomping may be inadvertent, but it is something you can directly control. If you’d be conscious enough of others’ efforts to sleep before midterms, interviews, finals, or even projects, you’d try walking more carefully on your tip-toes instead of slamming your heels down. When walking in your apartment, do not pick up your feet too high. That gives you too much potential energy to slam it down.

Just make an honest attempt and practice. I learned this through practice too. I would greatly appreciate it if you’d let me sleep in peace.

Thanks, Neighbors below

P.S. Given that I can hear everything, you might find it advantageous to have sex at less disruptive times of the day, or at least to tell your girl to keep it down. You can imagine how awkward and noisy it is down here… (You can get a less squeaky bed or a less squeaky girl)