The recent development regarding Obama’s health care legislation begs the question: How was health insurance organized before the modern age? Let me address that question with a personal anecdote.

A few days ago, I pulled a muscle playing Kinect too intensely. I wasn’t aware that I had actually injured something (I thought it was a minor, temporary thing), so I exacerbated the problem by stretching it out too much (through various exercises like pull-ups). The problem became worse yesterday due to a day full of classes (8 am to 5 pm), half of which were too full to have seats. By last night, even lifting a cup became unbearably painful.

Hospitals were far away, and it was late. And plus, it wasn’t that severe. But I needed help, and I knew it.

Thankfully, Tricia was nearby and helped me out yesterday and today. Walking out to pick up food and purchase a heat pack would have been too painful to bear.

So this is my quick story regarding health care in the pre-modern age: Your immediate circle of friends and family.