From the NYT:

PRAGUE — Pavel remembers the violent night sweats two days before the murder. He went to see a family doctor, who said they would go away. But after viewing a Bruce Lee martial arts film, he said, he felt uncontrollable sexual desires. He invited a 12-year-old neighbor home. Then he stabbed the boy repeatedly.

More than 20 years have passed. Pavel, then 18, spent seven years in prison and five years in a psychiatric institution. During his last year in prison, he asked to be surgically castrated. Having his testicles removed, he said, was like draining the gasoline from a car hard-wired to crash. A large, dough-faced man, he is sterile and has forsaken marriage, romantic relationships and sex, he said.

“I can finally live knowing that I am no harm to anybody,” he said during an interview at a McDonald’s here

Apparently in order to satiate his “uncontrollable sexual desires” Pavel needs to stab 12-year-old boys. Now that he’s “denatured,” he’s found his perfect place in life: McDonald’s.

But seriously, I thought we were taught that rape was an issue of dominance and power, not of sexual desire and lust. Does eliminating one’s sexual desire also eliminate his desire for power and dominance? Somehow, I doubt that.